Hot Choco at Contou Cafe

I told you guys that I really love chocolate. I guess I just dont wanna grow up. Adults are corrupted and too serious. I wanna goof around and sip this sweet tasty choco. Hoho!!!

A study in 1996 showed that chocolate caused the release of endorphins in the brains of American women, making them feel happy. Tryptophan, an amino acid present in small quantities in chocolate, is linked to the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that produces feelings of happiness.

Letting chocolate dissolve slowly in your mouth produces as big an increase in brain activity and heart rate as a passionate kiss—but the effects of the chocolate last four times longer!

Actually, scientists have been trying to understand the chemistry of chocolate for years. Although there are several hundred different chemicals in your typical slab, a handful of them seem to be more important than others in making chocolate taste so good. Among the most important are stimulants including theobromine, phenylethylamine, and caffeine (in very small amounts)

Indonesian Chocolate

I didn’t know there are good number of chocolates made in Indonesia. And not only that. Indonesia is the #3 cacao producer in the world and they shoot for #1 in the year of 2020! Also, Indonesian cacao have been used for years to make the finest chocolate in Belgium and Swiss!

Wow! Where was I all this time? How could I never hear about this? I only heard about a couple of brands and my family or friends never talked about Indonesian chocolate. All they talked about is coffee. But I don’t blame them. When I searched further about Indonesian chocolate I found a place name contou cafe in Bandung

Contou Cafe price for chocolate, coffee, tea or brownies is relatively cheap I would say. But surprisingly the taste is nice and lovely. The place is super comfortable to hang out for long period of time and there are a lot of communities who choose this cafe is their meeting point. They have an old brown decorative colour. The tables and chairs are being set up like in the co-working space, so it makes us feel relaxed yet we still have the working mood.

Me myself love to go here every single weekend and bring along my laptop to do my work, and I can sit there for hours. I order specifically the same chocolate drink whenever I go there : Blitair choco without sugar! You should try it!! the best chocolate in town with a very reasonable rather cheap price, hence I can order for 2 or 3 cups and sit there working for the rest of the day.

Author: Anastasia Dian

Just a little bunny who LOVES sipping her ice cold blitair choco slowly every weekend. Slowly because idk, every good things in my life wont last long. :( I hate to grow up. I hate adults life. Eww!! My favourite things are video games (Playstation, nintendo, or even PC), and board games. I am such a big nerd who is super anxious to meet new people. What I want in life is simple, I wanna work from home and build a website and just keep writing on my personal space. #otaku #wibu #cosplay #Games

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